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Club Point Standings for 2017

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PointsRiderMSA #DivisionWinsClub
23Neal, Melissa3856LPSP Texas Longhorns
20DeGeare, Lisa Jean1492LP Texas Longhorns
19Jarrard, Donald3807MPP Texas Longhorns
18Morrow, TC3136MPSP Texas Longhorns
17Fischer, Doc3857MPSP Texas Longhorns
15Harris, Ken3796MSP Texas Longhorns
14Moudy, Robby2597MPNP1Texas Longhorns
13Adams, Kimland3818LNP Texas Longhorns
12DeGeare, Shelby1491LP Texas Longhorns
11DeGeare, Lisa Jean1492LP Texas Longhorns
11Jarrard, Betty3808LPP1Texas Longhorns
10Chisholm, J W2499MP+ Texas Longhorns
9DeGeare, Shelby1491LP Texas Longhorns
9Hovanek, Michelle2152LPSP Texas Longhorns
8Mohney, Joe3184MPSP2Texas Longhorns
7Chisholm, J W2499MP+ Texas Longhorns
6Adams, Kimland3818LNP Texas Longhorns
6McDuffie, John3171MPNP Texas Longhorns
5McBeath, Sandra3334LPNP1Texas Longhorns
5Webster, Micah3859MR Texas Longhorns
4Douglass, Gloria2795LPSP Texas Longhorns
4Moudy, Jannelle2598LPNP Texas Longhorns
3Foster, Randy3767MPSP Texas Longhorns
3Lynn, Wanda3289LPNP Texas Longhorns
2Blasiman, Telese3764LPNP Texas Longhorns
2Foster, Randy3767MPSP Texas Longhorns
1Hovanek, Michelle2152LPSP Texas Longhorns
1Fischer, Jill3858LR Texas Longhorns
23Neal, Melissa3856LPSP Mississippi MSA
20DeGeare, Lisa Jean1492LP Mississippi MSA
19Jarrard, Donald3807MPP Mississippi MSA
17Fischer, Doc3857MPSP Mississippi MSA
15Harris, Ken3796MSP Mississippi MSA
14Moudy, Robby2597MPNP1Mississippi MSA
13Adams, Kimland3818LNP Mississippi MSA
12DeGeare, Shelby1491LP Mississippi MSA
11Jarrard, Betty3808LPP1Mississippi MSA
10Chisholm, J W2499MP+ Mississippi MSA
9Hovanek, Michelle2152LPSP Mississippi MSA
8Mohney, Joe3184MPSP2Mississippi MSA
6McDuffie, John3171MPNP Mississippi MSA
5Webster, Micah3859MR Mississippi MSA
4Moudy, Jannelle2598LPNP Mississippi MSA
3Lynn, Wanda3289LPNP Mississippi MSA
2Foster, Randy3767MPSP Mississippi MSA
1Fischer, Jill3858LR Mississippi MSA